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The Cutting Room Floor

Or Something Like It.........

Phil O.
1 November 1984
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Temple U. graduate living in Burbank and working in TV. So have fun reading, and comment every now and then if you want. I'd also like to give a shout-out to Mary Dezell, who came up with my username. Thank you, Mary.
24, acting, alan silvestri, alex ross, austin powers, back to the future, bad movies, band, batman, blink 182, bowling, candy, cartoons, catch-me-if-you-can, cds, chai tea, charlie kaufman, christmas, christopher walken, cinematography, classic rock, classical music, comedy, comics, computers, dairy queen, danny elfman, delaware county, drinking, drinking games, driving, drums, dvds, eagles, ed wood, editing, eternal-sunshine-of-the-spotless-mind, family guy, film, film composers, film scores, filming, flyers, friends, garfield, george carlin, george perez, godspell, going on vacations, halloween, j. michael straczynski, j.m. dematteis, jekyll & hyde, jeph loeb, jesus christ superstar, john romita, john romita jr., john williams, johnny depp, julianne moore, kairos, kill bill, kurt busiek, laughing, learning, led zeppelin, lewis black, life, long island iced teas, lost, making plans, marguritas, mark bagley, movies, music, nirvana, o'hara, parties, partying, philadelphia, philadelphia sports teams, phillies, photography, pictures, queen, reading, remembering, robert zemeckis, running, screenplays, scripts, search, sleep, smallville, soundtracks, south park, spider-man, springfield, starburst jellybeans, stephen schwartz, stewie griffin, sunrises, sunsets, superheroes, swimming, television, temple, temple update, the beatles, the nightmare before christmas, the offspring, the price is right, the shore, the simpsons, theater, theatre, thinking, tim burton, todd mcfarlane, tom hanks, walks, water slides, wawa, weird al, wendys, who framed roger rabbit, wicked, women, writing, x-men