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Emmy lateness and other nonsense...
So normally around this time (or rather, a day or two ago) I would have posted my predictions for the Emmys. Problem was, I didn't even know the Emmys were airing tonight. How sad is that? I live in what most consider to be the mecha of entertainment and yet somehow, I managed to completely and utterly ignore the Emmy Awards. I may still post my reactions later (if I even feel like it).

Matt moved out last Sunday, which means for the first time since I left Fremantle, things are back to status quo. "Status quo" meaning I'm on my own again with a full time job. Over the past few months, it's either been 1) No job, 2) No job and a roommate, or 3) A job and a roommate. The first day felt really nice, although I have been rather listless since. Up until Matt left, I always felt like I had something to do; either an errand to run or something to pick up every day. Since then though, I really haven't felt like I've had to do anything (even though I have). It's very weird and I'm not sure I like it. For as much as I might complain sometimes about being too busy, I think part of me rather likes having a lot to do now and again. Go figure.

Visiting home this weekend. Should be a good trip. It'll be fast and I'm already preparing myself for it not to be like the amazing trip in March (which I still have yet to write about), but I'm still really excited for it. People have already been contacting me to hang out since I broke the news about coming back, which leads to me believe that I haven't been completely forgotten in my absence. That's always good to know.

Stay Tuned...


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